Wisdom for the ages

Our rational nature moves freely forward in its impressions when it:

  1. accepts nothing false or uncertain;
  2. directs its impulses only to acts for the common good;
  3. limits its desires and aversions only to what’s in its own power;
  4. embraces everything nature assigns it.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 8.7

Humanity’s biggest quest, ever

We live in interesting times. The data is indisputable, despite the cries of the regressive flock. We are perilously close to a dystopian future that will test our species in a way it’s never been tested. All species, for that matter.

In the absence of real leadership or the unity of nations, it will be up to technologists – as usual – to take humanity forward as best we can.

This week, NASA published a video that inspires.


It reminds us of the incredibly unifying quest of space exploration.

Now, we have another mission. To heal our planet and to find a way forward.

There will be a lot of really smart people working on this. There already are. Some will be undoing the damage already done. Some will be figuring out how we can adapt to this ugly future – it’ll be here soon – and we’ll need to adapt. Quickly.

And some are already thinking about humanity’s imminent and enormous quest. More than thinking about it. Some are trying to find out whether we can colonize the moon or Mars. It may be the only hope for humanity.

I hope NASA captures some hearts and minds with this video. We need all the minds we can muster to work on these solutions.

And we need all the hearts coming together, to go farther than humanity has ever been.

We’re just getting started.

You can’t measure what you’ll gain

One of the reasons we’re immobilized by fear when we really want to take the leap is that we can measure what we’ll lose, but we can’t see what we’ll gain.

When you want to quit your job and start that business or when you follow your dream – or aroha – across the world, you know exactly what you’re giving up. You know what those things are worth to you.

What’s not obvious, what can’t be counted, is how much you’ll gain.

That’s how fear works.

What if I give up all this stuff? What if I give up what I know, everything that’s comfortable, in pursuit of something that is unknown.

What’s unknown can only become known by choosing to leap. By letting go of the stuff that’s satisfactory and doing the work to gain something better.

You can’t measure what you’ll gain. But you will gain something by taking the journey. What else is there to do?