A wise man apportions his beliefs to the evidence.

– David Hume
It’s impossible to ignore the assault on truth that has become mainstream in the US. Alternative facts abound and too many people refuse to question the origin of these new facts.

Real investigative reporting is under existential pressure as news outlets compete for attention with clickbait-y content and popular “news”. Perhaps¬†Idiocracy¬†was more prescient than we could ever have imagined.

For those of us who care about truth, it’s our responsibility to believe only the facts. The real facts. This takes more work on our part. We must verify the source. We must examine loose claims before accepting them. We must promote the work of those who are resolute in their quest for facts and truth.

The Internet is a game-changer for spreading ideas. It can be a force for good or a tool for evil.

Do you care about the truth?