Start now.

You have an idea. Everyone has ideas. Ideas are easy.

What counts is when you take your idea and figure out how to bring it to life. Something small. Something real.

When it’s small and real, you learn.

You learn if you enjoy creating it. You learn if you can grow from it. You learn if you care.

When you care, and you’re doing good work, there’s a chance that you’ll make a difference for someone.

That’s a signal. It’s a signal that you might be onto something.

But you have to care. Because if you don’t care then no one else will care.

One thing is certain, you won’t know until you try.

So next time, don’t sit too long with your idea. Stand up and switch to experimentation mode. In experimentation mode you have to be creative, you have to be resourceful, you have to be agile.

Taking action on your idea is the only way to know. To know if it’s worthy of pursuit.

And to know if you care.