One of the reasons we’re immobilized by fear when we really want to take the leap is that we can measure what we’ll lose, but we can’t see what we’ll gain.

When you want to quit your job and start that business or when you follow your dream – or aroha – across the world, you know exactly what you’re giving up. You know what those things are worth to you.

What’s not obvious, what can’t be counted, is how much you’ll gain.

That’s how fear works.

What if I give up all this stuff? What if I give up what I know, everything that’s comfortable, in pursuit of something that is unknown.

What’s unknown can only become known by choosing to leap. By letting go of the stuff that’s satisfactory and doing the work to gain something better.

You can’t measure what you’ll gain. But you will gain something by taking the journey. What else is there to do?